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Dear Grueling Reviewer:

Just bought this book last week. ("The Purpose Driven Life")   The lady at
the Barnes & Noble cash register said they are selling like hotcakes.  I've
read about the first 5 chapters so far.  Yep, I agree, David,  so far
nothing new.  I also disagree with the author's  premise that everything
about our physical makeup is just as God ordained it.  Isn't it a symptom of
a fallen world that we have a child born with cystic fibrosis and various
disfigurements?  The author didn't seem to make allowances for that.
However, I do believe that God can bring some good things from the sad
events that touch us.

Hope all the $$$ coming in from sales doesn't change the author.  He seems
like a nice pastor.

Have a good day with some pleasant surprises!


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>      Hi all,
> It's always lotsa fun to see what is really hot in the book sections of
> the big stores and bookstores.
> Looks like Rick Warren has hit paydirt with his "purpose-driven" books.
> But why? Scanning through them, one encounters little that looks new,
> revolutionary or would not have been covered in an adult Sunday school
> curriculum of yesteryear.
> The "-driven" cliche is one obviously borrowed from the business
> community, dating back several years ago.
> Rick does encourage small groups, for what that's worth (especially if
> their purpose is to discuss his books). Not much, imo, as these small
> groups could and should never exist apart from the institutional church,
> in their opinion.
> I'm gonna drop this post on the ntcp list as there are some book authors
> there who may have some ideas about the success of this series.
> your grueling reviewer,
>      David Anderson
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