House Church Talk - Re: Baptisms and Administrations

David Anderson david at
Fri Apr 2 12:22:01 EST 2004

>ALL the 12 had a responsibility to baptize, but do we? Where is it
>explicitly stated that WE are to go and water baptize? The command was to a
>specific group who also were instructed to do other things and of which
>specific signs would follow. We are not seeing those signs today! Paul the
>apostle to the nations (since Israel would not serve God), UNLIKE the 12,
>was NOT sent to baptize, so why should we? There are no explicit statements
>that everyone should baptize, only those immediate disciples of Christ's
>earthly ministry were instructed to do so.

     Hi brother, 

You have likely given this more thought than I but where are any explicit 
commands for us in the 21st century? You're right - none of the words 
were directly spoken or sent to you and me. 

And if we are not to "baptize," then why should we also "preach the 
Gospel to every creature"? But Jesus spoke those things in the same 

Along your line of argumentation, one could say that the Old Testament 
was just for the Jews and that the NT was just for the Christians ALONE 
to whom it was sent - not to any proceeding generation. I tend to 

Paul's mention of his "not being sent to baptize" was a comparative, not 
an absolute statement. He did, in fact, baptize. I might declare, "My 
purpose is to be a father and a husband, not to watch TV." Yet if I were 
to watch the news, no one would contradict me, I don't think.

Ross, what parts of the New (or Old) Testament do you believe are "in 
effect" with respect to today's Christian?

     David Anderson

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