House Church Talk - Re: House Church Talk Digest, Vol 3, Issue 103

Debbie K StardustForever at
Sat Apr 10 15:50:46 EDT 2004

Vanessa wrote:
...The thing with the USA, is that there is no reason for people to be
so out of order with all that money going around. Even the poorest in
shelters live better than kings of the medieval ages!! That is one of
the things I could not take about the US, so much money and resources,
and so many children no one seems to care about, with a lot of money
given for them, but they seem not one bit better that the ones here on
the street who haven't eaten in a week!...

Dear Vanessa,
The whole world is out of order.  Money isn't the answer to your
problems, or those of the USA.  JESUS is the answer.  The reason
children in the USA are no  better off is that there are many poor
people here also.  That government boarder line is still all part of
Satan's domain.

There are a few rich people here, but most struggle to make ends meet.
Even those with much $$$ are poor in the Lord, therefore their families
suffer because of lack of true love being expressed, selfishness, and

The USA is in debt in the billions. money and other resources aren't
handled right in most countries,  and all of the world lies in the power
of Satan.  Please don't compare the USA to your country.  That is taking
your eyes off of Jesus.  

your sister in Jesus,

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