House Church Talk - conferences/agendas/our freedom

Bruce Woodford bwood4d at
Sat Apr 17 22:17:25 EDT 2004

Hi Claire,

I too have often wondered about "house church conferences" which do not 
function by house church principles.  What would we think of a house church 
that had pre-appointed speakers who addressed  "plenary sessions"?  How 
would house church look with "break out sessions" on pre-determined topics?

Can you imagine an IC conference in a living room where church members were 
free to express what they were learning from scripture about the lack of 
clergy/laity distinctions, to discuss how they could exhort one another when 
they assembled together, or  how to break bread in remembrance of the Lord 
without an ordained clergyman officiating???

If you would not expect an IC conference to function according to hc 
principles, why should we expect a hc conference to function by IC 

Do we find any scriptural examples of apostolic or first century "house 
church conferences", invited/appointed speakers,  predetermined ministry 
topics etc???

On another topic addressed in your post, you spoke of a discussion on New 
Wineskins where they believe in "the equality of women".  Can you explain 
what is meant by the term?  To what or whom do they believe women are 
"equal"?   What scriptures would teach "the equality of women"?

Do folks there believe in "the equality of men"? the equality of children?  
If so, to what or to whom are THEY equal?  Do the scriptures actually teach 
that ANYBODY is equal?

Does equality mean having the same abilities, functions, talents, gifts, 
appearance, responsibilities, ministries?  Are any two members of a body 
EQUAL??  Or are they all COMPLEMENTARY?  Are not believers INCOMPLETE 
without other members to which God has joined them because all are 
NECESSARY?  If one is complementary and necessary to others and incomplete 
without the others, how can they possibly be equal to the others???

On a car, is a wheel rim equal to the tire? Can either function properly 
without the other?

In a bread recipe, is the flour equal to the yeast?  In a marriage, is the 
wife equal to the husband?  In a church, are women (or men) really equal at 

I'm baffled! Can you help me??

Your brother in Christ,

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