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Thu Aug 5 00:08:08 EDT 2004

On Wed, 4 Aug 2004 22:46:28 -0500 "Scott Dowlen" <scottdowlen at>
> > Ÿ        Overseers are expected to model – or at least be 
> > moving towards – the qualifications listed for overseers in 1 
> > Timothy 3:1-7.
> > 
> Huh? this seems out of line.

I would agree with Scott's apparent objection here.  Men who are less
than fully qualified for oversight, very simply, are NOT qualified.  Men
are not overseers (as "made" such by the Holy Spirit - Acts 20:28) and
then afterwards "moving towards" biblical qualification (!)--either they
are true "overseers" as fully biblically qualified or they are not.  

All too often the strong desire for a human leader leads to the premature
selection of immature and harmful leadership, in the laying on of hands
hastily.  The biblical solution, by contrast, is for ALL of the men of
the assembly alike to be submitting to their Head ("the Head of EVERY man
is Christ, the head of woman is man, and the Head of Christ is God"), and
through their serving of one another, the exemplary servants will arise
to assembly oversight--in the Lord's sovereign timing.

Let us in house assemblies not fall prey to the "doctrine" and "works" of
the Nicolaitans, which our Lord hates (Rev. 2:6, 15-16).

Grace in Christ,

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