House Church Talk - Culting in general

Glenn Frank glennfrank at
Thu Aug 5 16:17:14 EDT 2004

My wife kind of coined a phrase that we have used a few times, among our
gathering of believers, when talking to people about "attending church"...

"If you HAVE TO attend, It's a cult".

She responded with that statement to someone who was asking her if we were
going to be at church next week after we left an IC (which was not really a
'cult'... But everyone had that mentality of HAVING to ATTEND church)... I
don't think they understood that THEY were the church.

I think that Christians in general need to get out of using this phrase
'attend church'... We ARE the the church... We don't attend it... The church
is not in the attending...

We are just called to BE the church.

That simple concept would do away with so many things that mess us up!

Glenn F.

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