House Church Talk - For Wounded Sheep, A Answer to Why

Rick Johnson rebelfire at
Wed Aug 11 20:50:07 EDT 2004

In 1984 I was on top of my house in Incirlik, Turkey.  While working on
my solar water heater I noticed 2 shepherds had stopped with their flocks
in my back field.  While talking their sheep mingled and grazed.  You
could tell the different flocks by the blue or red dots painted on their
backs.  It was a mess, different colored dots everywhere.

After about 10 minutes of talking together, the shepherds ended their
conversation.   With a quick whistle and a "hup,"  both men were on their
way.  Each of the sheep looked up and followed the voice of it's
shepherd.  I stood there in awe and was amazed at how the scripture came
alive to me.


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