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Thu Aug 12 09:13:32 EDT 2004

re: Religion or Relationship?
The question for the church today is not one of religion, but rather one of  
relationship.  The church may have a religion, but does it have the  
relationship?  A warning is given in the book of revelation of having lost  their first 
love.  Is it appropriate for today?  Some will consider it  foolishness, but 
for those who read it and consider its pointed message as  pertaining to them, 
they are indeed one step closer in relations to  their Lord.  For in 
considering it, their eyes are open.  In  acting upon it, they walk one step closer to 
Yeshuah.  And the Bible  stresses that as the believer draws nearer to G-d, 
He will draw nearer to  them.
A Fellow Bond-Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Persecuted  Church,
Adam Waggoner

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