House Church Talk - election day

Adamkwyhmed at Adamkwyhmed at
Sat Aug 21 15:56:05 EDT 2004

I will not vote for Kerry!!!  I would rather not vote for someone who  denies 
the rights of Americans,(the denial of the freedom of speach to the  Vietnamm 
Veterans), concerning their lives, when the Bible states that we  should work 
out our own salvation with fear and trembling and that the only One  that 
should be truly governing us, if we allow it, is the Lord. If anyone else  wants 
to talk about politics, fine, but don't use this board for guilt trips to  try 
to force people to vote for candidates concerning this upcoming  presidency.  
In fact, take it onto another board.  If you are talking  for your and about 
your candidate than, you are not talking for and about  Jesus.  And that is 
all I am going to say about  politics.

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