House Church Talk - request

David Anderson david at
Sat Aug 21 15:54:40 EDT 2004

      Hi all, 

Most all of us have some strong political ideas. Fortunately, there are 
thousands of avenues across cyber-space to debate them.

Please continue to show in your House Church Talk  posts some relevance to life in a 
home church whenever possible. Thanks. This gentle request is not in any 
way to diminish the great importance of things political and of how the 
crown rights of Jesus Christ extend over every sphere of interest.

House Church Talk  is archived on the web which is another good reason not to wander 
off into other areas (which we could never resolve). So, let's try to 
leave some clear footprints for those that will come along later, after 
the elections, looking for specific information about church life outside 
the mainstream.

One person on this list, Rick, enables discussions on these very subjects 
from a Christian perspective. Give us those addresses when you can, Rick.

Rick is also a grand-dad according to email I just received! Praise the 

     David Anderson

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