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> Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 08:36:41 -0400
> From: "Dan Beaty" <dlbeaty at>
> Subject: Re: House Church Talk -  election day
> Tim,
> I laughed out loud when I read your original post, and again when you
> asked if anyone laughed anymore.

Hi Tim. I'm gullible enough, I thought the note was real for a few moments,
until you got to the part of being a senior citizen. I know you're not, and
started realizing it was a spoof. The Hussein signature clinched it. Good

> Somewhat relating to laughter, I have been concerned lately about the lack
> of the joy of the Lord in Christian circles. You know that I am somewhat
> serious person myself. Many of us have serious concerns for our families,
> loved ones, and the world in general.
> But it is written of Jesus that He was annointed with the oil of joy above
> that of His brethren. His joy did not interfere with His compassion, but I
> get the impression that it aided in the healing of the suffering and pain
> of those around Him.
> That is my desire, to spread hope and joy where ever there is sadness and
> dispair. Sometimes I need a healing myself before that can happen.
> Dan Beaty

Hi Dan. It's actually pretty amazing how serious people like you (and me)
can still be marked by a deep joy. This joy might be missed by those who
only recognize joy in jokes (I'm not condemning jokes, but they shouldn't be
confused with the joy of the Lord). Kingdom joy it is a truer joy, based on
freedom and delight in the light. You may be "somewhat serious," but you
have projected joy and peace in interactions I've had with you or observed
you in. Thanks.


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