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I am interested in another good forum.  Would you give me the link to join
this forum were you are having the discussion on "co-equal eldership
oversight".  Thanks Mike

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> On Mon, 30 Aug 2004 15:55:36 -0400 David Anderson <david at>
> writes:
> ... was this the institution of the "ceremony of foot washing?"
> David,
> Your question here parallels a discussion the other Glenn and I have been
> enjoying on another forum, which addresses issues related to co-equal
> "eldership" oversight.  I recognize the purity of lives and devotion to
> Christ of many saints who practice a "ceremony of foot washing," but
> would draw attention to how certain specific things have been given
> ("delivered" - I Cor. 11:2, 23) to the church throughout this age as "the
> traditions" of Christ.  The specific items of the Lord's table and head
> covering, both from I Corinthians 11 for example, are among those
> traditions, but in my estimation foot washing is not.
> Many times we may err in having a hermeneutic of the casual and "natural"
> in our modern house churching lives, avoiding all "externals" of any sort
> in favor of what seem to be the more important issues, those of the
> heart.  And yet certain "externals" (with many powerful spiritual
> symbols) have been lovingly commanded us by our Lord, such as the
> partaking of the loaf and the cup, head covering, brotherly interaction,
> feminine modesty, etc.--all of which are very much issues themselves
> which reflect the hearts of those who practice them.
> All this to say that it is best for us not to reject altogether
> structure, leadership, and other such things that are so easily
> grievously misused--but rather to seek the expressions of those things
> such as we may be *certain from the word of God* as being genuinely
> Spirit-worked.
> "...Therefore, brothers, stand fast and hold the traditions which you
> were taught, whether by word or our epistle." (II Th. 2:15)
> Grace in Christ,
> Glenn S.
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