House Church Talk - Baptisms and Administrations

David Miller David at
Fri Feb 6 09:06:42 EST 2004

Bruce wrote:
> ... I said something to the effect that John's baptisms of 
> people were the very first baptisms of persons by another 
> person ever recorded in the scriptures.  So the claim that 
> water baptism of people under the new covenant is a 
> continuation of an old testament ritual practice is just not 
> true!

Oh, ok.  Now I see what you are driving at.  Yes, your viewpoint seems
to accord well with Mat. 21:25 which indicates that many did not
participate with John's baptism.  Clearly his baptism was something new
and a dividing line between orthodox Judaism and those who were truly

Bruce, this is kind of interesting in light of home church because the
difference here is someone doing the baptism.  The question of authority
certainly comes into play here.  Why do you think God put this element
of authority into baptism as the distinguishing factor between this work
and the baptisms of Judaism?  It seems like the opposite of what most of
us involved with home church have done.  We tend to shy away from
authority being involved and believe that we can approach God without
the authority of others, yet here with the question of baptism, we have
either using your own authority under Judaism for baptism, or submitting
unto authority through men, either John the Baptist or Jesus Christ.  Do
you see what I am getting at?  I'm not sure I'm explaining myself very
well.  Time is short and I have to go right now (people waiting on me).

Peace be with you.
David Miller, Beverly Hills, Florida.

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