House Church Talk - Re: Was baptisms Now dispensations again

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Fri Feb 6 15:32:35 EST 2004

Bruce Woodford writ:
> Hi Dan,
> You wrote:"And in AD70? what happened. All of Judaism died in destruction of
> all things Jerusalem. Does that sound similar to prophecy of end time?"
> What prophecy from Mat thew 24  which deals with the "end of the age" is
> comparable to what happened in A.D. 70?
> You continued:"Did Jesus return at that time - fulfilling Jesus' word "soon"
> and "this generation".
> No!  Those are two features of Mat thew 24 among many others which were not
> fulfilled in A.D. 70!
> You concluded with the following:"I know I am drawing this extended thread
> into another arena, but I am interested in comments - or have I heard Bruce
> comments to me on this already? Perhaps I have a month or so ago - I
> forget..."
> Hey, brother, if that's where it leads and there's an interest, let's go for
> it!  As to my previous comments on this subject here...I forget too!  I have
> discussed this with others before but whether it was on House Church Talk  or not I'm
> not sure!
> Where specificly does your interest lie?  This is a big topic!
> Look forward to hearing more from you.
> Bruce

My interest is in the arena we have been robbed of due to the prevalence of dispensations.
Jesus in diepensations comes again after long arm waving that generations equal 2000 plus years
to get us to today when Jesus has not come again, yet.  So, we wait for Jesus to come again and
then we die.  Hmmm...

So, maybe in AD70 when there were some years of destruction Jesus did come?  It sounds
interesting and plausible from the understanding of words like "generation", and "soon" -
that's all.  No drawn out theological twist or mashing.  Consistent word meanings in the
Bible - generation, soon.  Then, what does it mean we are today if Jesus came in AD70?  I will
need to see where soon is in the Bible, and also generation.  And of course, the battle ground
is Mt24.

I can try to be convinced of what I have heard - again, i.e. dispensations and Jesus has not
come.  I can try to be convinced of what I have not heard - Jesus came in AD70 - and what does
that mean?  I mean, I am raised under the influence of dispensations and Jesus is coming - but
how does that jive with the words of the Bible?  I know all this sounds like "preterist" talk
and it is partially, i.e. "partial preterist."  But, lets entertain some thoughts within
traditional theology.  I mean, NO - I am not accepting anything of Joseph Smith or Mary Baker
Eddy.  Neither am I accepting most of what is taught as late great planet earth nor left

Hope you catch the drift and carry on some, Bruce, others.
Dan ChicagoArea

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