House Church Talk - A NEW DVD on the HC Revival in PRC!

Thomas Shou thomasshou at
Sun Feb 8 21:56:59 EST 2004

Dear All,
Something this wonderful just can't be kept secret in the Body of Christ!
Check out this brand new 4-part DVD that captures the amazing NT-looking revival in the church in China touching every level of society, in cities and the countryside, esp. in the countless thousands of simple house churches across China today! Hundred of real-live testimonies from workers, preachers, saints secretly meeting in the homes today! (I even met with some of them personally!)
Show this DVD to as many as US believers as you can to ignite the fire for Jesus and Him crucified in this rapidly-turning "ungodly" land:
The footage and openness of the HCers in China is unlike anything I've ever seen!
Let us continue to pray hard for these HCers who are currently undergoing increasing persecution as the Chinese govt seeks to systematically crush and HC movement today! This DVD is one reason why!


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