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Mon Feb 9 18:15:10 EST 2004

> I am glad you're asking these questions, because it is always good to knock
> the dust off old assumptions.  For example, there is/was/will be a final
> seven years, but nothing in scripture gives you a final "tribulation" of
> more than 3.5 years.
> To me, some of the things that makes preterist view wrong are these:
> 1) one of the most prophesied events in scripture (2nd coming) isn't
> recorded in scripture as a done deal - and Jesus in Mat thew said it would be
> very spectacular.
> 2) The second coming would have to be in 73.5 A.D. after the 'abomination of
> desolation', and not at 70 A.D. ...  or else would have had to have been 3.5
> years after his first resurrection to allow a contiguous "70 weeks of
> Daniel" - making the second coming closer to 37 A.D.
> 3) Where's the kingdom???  The present church doesn't even slightly fit the
> descriptions of Christ's kingdom after his 2nd coming.
> 4) Where's the hope for our resurrection? I'm sure there's one there, I've
> just never been taught this view.
> 5) Where is the battle at Megiddo (sp?) {aka Armageddon} and all the other
> stuff?  With all the prophecies in Daniel, Revelation, Mat thew, etc about
> this event, there sure seems to be a lot missing.
> Thanks for your good questions, Dan.  I'll try to track down my quote from
> the previous message, too.
> Your brother,
> Scott Dowlen

Scott - keep the comments coming.  I only defend as much as I know and I don't know much, but I
have thoughts on some of what you say.
1)scripture writing was completed before AD70 so 2nd coming would not be written there.  If
Jesus came tomorrow, it would not be there either - that's my point.  And don't believe
history - believe the Bible.  To say that the destruction of Jerusalem was anything but
spectacular would be a gross misnomer.  It disappeared.  That is spectacular.

2)Roman occupation against that area began AD67 from what I have learned.  Placing AD70 at the
middle of that and 7 years is very able to be accomplished.  Ultimately, if it happened then,
there is no believable record of what happened and most probably, we will die without seeing
this.  So, if we live with this hope that Jesus will come - fine, but realistically, we
probably won't see it.  So, we can live with that.  Or, what would it be if we lived as if
Jesus did come at/near AD70?  What does the Bible expose about that type of thing?  Is there
mind given to live with today regarding that?  This is not a rhetorical question for me, it is
a question that perhaps we can seek for a modicum of an answer together?

3)This question about kingdom assumes only traditional dispensations as the influence for all
thought.  Think with me for the sake of dialog - what kind of questions would you ask about
this?  Does the kingdom come immediately after Jesus' appearance?  Is there Bible reasons to
say this is not the kingdom?  Other questions?

4)This is a good question.  Why is this mind the only one to have?  Mind you, I am not
accepting Joseph Smith or Mary Eddy or other "flakes" and obsurant theology.  I am asking
brethren about what our hope can be outside the mind we have been given within our lives - i.e.
late great planet earth/left behind.

5)see 4 above - lets explore this together.

Thanks Scott for your time.  Maybe we can arrive at some ideas together?  I am asking.
Dan ChicagoArea

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