House Church Talk - Re: Was baptisms Now dispensations/ Preterism

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Wed Feb 11 09:28:32 EST 2004

David Anderson wrote:

>>Brother, where did you learn that all of scripture was written before A.D. 
>>Relative to events and the dates of the writing of the various epistles 
>>which have been put in the margins of my Bible (The Newberry Reference Bible 
>>KJV), I found the following dates of writing from A.D.67 onward:
>>A.D.67 -the final events of Acts 28,
>>A.D.68 -Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Hebrews
>>A.D.69 - I Timothy, Titus
>>A.D.70 -II Timothy, II Peter, Jude
>>A.D. 94 - I, II and III John and the Revelation
>>I'm sure that if Jesus had returned in A.D. 70, John surely would have said 
>>something about it!
>    HI all,
>I would be interested in seeing what dates other Study Bibles put on 
>these NT books. Anyone?
>Bruce, I have read that Irenaeus is the ONLY source for the late dating 
>of Revelation. Other "sources" just quote him. John, in Rev, speaks of 
>Nero Caesar as still on the throne. He died in June 68. This, according 
>to a commentary by David Chilton. Another book lists several pages of 
>scholarly works, preferring the early dates.
>I'll look into this further - I thought I once read a compelling case 
>that the "coming of the Lord" could mean coming in judgment via secondary 
>means, that is, not in person.
>  God bless you all!
>     David Anderson

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