House Church Talk - Re: Was baptisms Now dispensations/ Preterism

David Anderson david at
Tue Feb 10 01:03:56 EST 2004

>Brother, where did you learn that all of scripture was written before A.D. 
>Relative to events and the dates of the writing of the various epistles 
>which have been put in the margins of my Bible (The Newberry Reference Bible 
>KJV), I found the following dates of writing from A.D.67 onward:
>A.D.67 -the final events of Acts 28,
>A.D.68 -Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Hebrews
>A.D.69 - I Timothy, Titus
>A.D.70 -II Timothy, II Peter, Jude
>A.D. 94 - I, II and III John and the Revelation
>I'm sure that if Jesus had returned in A.D. 70, John surely would have said 
>something about it!

    HI all,

I would be interested in seeing what dates other Study Bibles put on 
these NT books. Anyone?

Bruce, I have read that Irenaeus is the ONLY source for the late dating 
of Revelation. Other "sources" just quote him. John, in Rev, speaks of 
Nero Caesar as still on the throne. He died in June 68. This, according 
to a commentary by David Chilton. Another book lists several pages of 
scholarly works, preferring the early dates.

I'll look into this further - I thought I once read a compelling case 
that the "coming of the Lord" could mean coming in judgment via secondary 
means, that is, not in person.

  God bless you all!

     David Anderson

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