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Hi Thomas. I'm traveling, and my normal e-mail address is receiving mail, but 
not sending it. So I'll forward this note that didn't go through (you may get 
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Subject: Re: HC Seminar in VA (2/13-14) with Jonathan Lindvall!
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 21:16:39 -0800
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Thomas Shou wrote:
> Big D & all,
> Sorry for the late notice bro...but if you can attend bro Jon L's HC 
> Seminar or meet him while he's in your part of town, go! ( He will 
> "meat" with us in April!)
> I was richly blessed when he was over here. Here's a brother who really 
> cuts the Word straight, lifts up Christ as the heart of church life, and 
> really walks the talk out in his family life and over 10 years HC life 
> with over 10 families!! See his email to you before:
> Jonathan, do you know where you will go next?

Hi Thomas. Wow! Thanks for the commendation. I appreciated your prayer 
for us this past weekend. We had a great time with the House Church 
Seminar in Big Stone Gap, VA. It appeared many of the saints there were 
stirred in their hunger for the Lord, and challenged to think Biblically 
in the way they assume the church is to walk together.

It would have been great to see you, David, but I'm sure you were busy 
about the kingdom in some other part of the vineyard. I look forward to 
some future opportunity to connect with you in person.

In answer to your question, Thomas, Chris DeCollibus and I are attending 
a convention in Charlotte, NC for a few days, but before we return to 
California, we'll be meeting with a couple of house churches in the 
Virginia Beach area this next weekend, as well as me presenting my 
parenting and youth seminars. In one case, the hosts have asked that we 
teach a bit on gathering simply around the Lord. If anyone on the list 
lives near there, and is interested, the gathering will be in Ivor, VA 
and directions are available at 

For most of March I'll be encouraging saints in India to gather house to 
house, but then April 3 Donald Telian and I will present the House 
Church Seminar in Ridgecrest, CA, with a house church campout 
immediately following (April 4-6) in (of all places) Death Valley 
National Park. Folks can write me for more details, if interested.


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