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David Anderson david at
Tue Feb 17 19:30:49 EST 2004

A Letter From Jesus 

        Dear Friend,                                         
I just had to write to tell you how much I love you and care for you.
Yesterday, I saw you walking and laughing with your friends; I hoped that 
soon you'd want Me to walk along with you, too. So, I painted you a 
sunset to close your day and whispered a cool breeze to refresh you. I 
waited; you never called. I just kept on loving you. 
As I watched you fall asleep last night, I wanted so much to touch you. I 
spilled moonlight onto your face trickling down your cheeks as so many 
tears have. You didn't think of me; I wanted so much to comfort you. 
The next day I exploded a brilliant sunrise into a glorious morning for 
you. But you woke up late and rushed off to work - you didn't even 

My sky became cloudy and My tears were the rain.  

I love you! Oh, if you'd only listen. I really love you! I try to say it 
in the quiet of the green meadow and in the blue sky. The wind whispers 
My love throughout the treetops and spills it into the vibrant colors of 
the flowers. 

I shout it to you in the thunder of the great waterfalls and composed 
love songs for birds to sing for you. I warm you with the clothing of My 
sunshine and perfume the air with nature's sweet scent. 

My love for you is deeper than the ocean and greater than any need in 
your heart. If you'd only realize how I care. I died just for you. My 
Father sends His love. I want you to meet Him. He cares, too. Fathers are 
just that way.          

So please contact Me soon. No matter how long it takes, I'll wait because 
I love you.
                                       Your Friend,  
                                                       Jesus, the Christ 
and Lamb of God

 author unknown


Hope you appreciated the words of this poem. I was going to post it next 
Sunday but I kept thinking about it. Luke 13:34: O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, 
you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have 
longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks 
under her wings, but you were not willing! 

A friend of this list has a son traveling out West who needs prayer NOW. 
Another member is earnestly seeking to bring about reconciliation in the 
home church circle.

Let's join together at the Throne.

     David Anderson


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