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Glenn Frank glennfrank at
Sun Feb 29 08:42:51 EST 2004

I bought the Gospel of John on DVD... And I have seen the Passion in the
Theaters. Both have their good points, But I have to say that the Gospel of
John would be a great place to take someone who was an unbeliever who had
just seen the Passion... Because it will give them more background and a
more well rounded view of Christ... Where as the Passion gives a more
powerful presentation of the price he paid.

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> From: Thomas Shou <thomasshou at>
> Dear Saints,
> I saw "The Passion" too! Too much emphasis on "the passion/intense
> graphic suffering of JC". Really a profound meditation on Isa 53. THANK
> God it ends with His glorious resurrection! albeit too brief! (I was the
> only one in the theater who clapped at the end....!)
> THAT is also the movie to show to unbelievers -- way more balanced and
> powerful!
> HOW can it not be, since it is a word for word rendition of the Gospel of
> John from Ch.1 to Ch.21! Very realistic acting (Jesus is wonderful!) and
> no departures from the true Gospel story! See it and tell me your
> thoughts!
> It's playing at the Milpitas Cinemasaver 10 for those who wanna make the
> drive....for only $3.50. But I guarantee you it will be the best $3.50
> you will ever spend for a 3-hour movie!
> Blessing to your "meating" on the Lord's day!
> Thomas & Lucy
> We welcome any of you who are in the Palo Alto area anytime!

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