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Scott Dowlen scottdowlen at
Mon Mar 1 09:20:38 EST 2004

I'm curious to see the list you presented, and Dan's idea of listing taboos
is quite interesting.  If you get a chance, please share your list of
practices with us.  I am glad the Lord opened that door of opportunity for
you. I pray for the folks who were present, that God would touch their
hearts and lead them deeper into relationship with Himself and with their
fellow believers.


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> Bruce,
> The opportunity you were given really sounds interesting!
> What I really
> appreciate is that you value those saints enough to
> respectfully encourage
> and challenge them in the Lord.
> In this area I think we all can be encouraged and challenged.
> In your list of practices, maybe you could include a list of
> taboos. Perhaps
> there are taboos in both the IC and in Home Church circles
> that God never
> gave us!
> Dan B.
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