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Dear Janet,

I agree with your comments on the link David recommended.

I am amazed at how many are screaming that a sinful man could not play a
sinless Jesus.  However, I never heard a word of this when "The Jesus Movie"
came out from Campus Crusades.   How many sinless "preachers" are there who
stand in the pulpit and preach about our Lord?   This type of logic does not
hold up the scrutiny.

As for your comments about the abortion industry, I would love to see
someone make a movie on the book called "Blood Money."

Thanks for your comments,


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You know what I think would be a great sequel for Mel to make now?  A look
inside the abortion industry.  Yeah, let's keep showing the blood and gore
of what is going on in our world.  I don't think God minces words in the
Bible describing violent events.  Castrations, cutting off heads, etc.
Neither should we.

Have a good week.


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