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Tue Mar 16 08:43:49 EST 2004

David is gracious.

He failed to mention my bald spot and the fact that his wife whooped me
badly in ping-pong.  She was even wearing a skirt!   Maybe I should have
wore my kilt :)


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Yesterday, we had the joy of spending the afternoon with the Johnson's of
Duffield, VA. At last, we were able to put a face on RJ and Barb. What a
delightful couple and informed brother and sister!

RJ is a witty, quick thinker and a real force to be reckoned with on the
ping pong table. Barb, a grandmother-to-be, has homeschooled and
homechurched for many years and brings common sense with her everywhere
she goes. Both are serving as "missionaries" to the children of the
public school system in their county. She substitutes, he teaches ROTC.

We hope to join with them again and again as opportunities arise.

Thank you, Lord, for the excellent fellowship!

    David Anderson


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