House Church Talk - Liquid Church

R.L. Johnson rjohnson at
Thu Mar 18 10:49:49 EST 2004

Has anyone read the Liquid Church by Pete Ward ?

Book Description
The church must be like water--flexible, fluid, changeable. This book is a
vision for how the church can embrace the liquid nature of culture rather
than just scrambling to keep afloat while sailing over it.
Ward urges us to move away from the traditional understanding of church as a
gathering of people meeting in one place at one time to a dynamic notion of
church as a series of relationships and communications. In the Liquid
Church, membership is determined by participation and involvement. Liquid
Church is continually on the move, flowing in response to the Spirit and the
gospel of Jesus, the imagination and creativity of its leaders, and the
choices and experiences of its worshippers.


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