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Sat May 8 01:48:55 EDT 2004

On Fri, 7 May 2004 22:56:18 -0700 "Claire Bennett" <clairebnntt at>

> There was a question I asked that was not answered.  Is it true that 
> those of you who believe women should be silent in the church refuse 
> to fellowship with us on lists like this one because women are 
> participating?  Are women from these groups forbidden to participate 
> on these sorts of lists or discussion boards, kept from where they 
> could encounter something contrary to what this theology?

Since Jonathan is on this list, how is it that he is refusing to
fellowship with you? My experience around groups that hold even to the
extreme of what you think they portray, the sisters are not ignorant of
your point of view, but for them have found freedom in Christ in what
they believe. Those I have talked to have no desire to be on lists like
this since they have chosen other priorities. My wife who does not hold
to the women remaining silent choose not to be on this list since she has
different interest and priorities, also. 

All of us, including you Claire are trying to bring light to each other.
Is that not what you hope to do for Jonathan? To be mutually beneficial.
To shine light on the truths the Lord has revealed to us. Is it only our
opponents who are proud stubborn and arrogant?

Cliff Silliman <cliffsilliman at>
1 Corinthians 14:15


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