House Church Talk - "bounce" policy changes

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Fri May 14 14:13:48 EDT 2004

    Hi all,

There are many people who try to post to House Church Talk  who are not on the list. 
Spammers, they call them. They post to lists to get the shotgun effect, 
you see.

I am no longer able to examine these "bounced" messages and sort out and 
read the ones that might be legitimate. I am setting the list software to 
auto delete them all.

Please be certain that your post is mailed FROM your subscription account 
and that it doesn't exceed 35k characters and that it is addressed to the 
list address. Address it to the list only and not to a group of 
recipients as mail to multi-recipients is perceived as spam by our list 
software, thus bounced.

Your messages, so configured, will appear in just a few moments on the 
desktops of eager recipients near and far. Thank you.

    David Anderson       
     serving as list mailman

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House Church Talk has been renamed. These discussions, via the web, now occur at the Radically Christian Cafe.