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Bruce Woodford bwood4d at
Mon May 17 04:11:00 EDT 2004

Hi Tim,

Re. the NIV footnote on I Cor 11, you wrote: "This is not my words. You dont 
have an argument with me. This is an optional translation of the same. Do 
you not consider the possibility this could be a valid optional meaning?"

Brother,  a valid translation is one that is true to the text!  I 
demonstrated, in my previous post, 4 simple reasons why such a reading is 
contrary to the text of scripture!

You continued:"Not only that, you may be taking non-essentials and elevating 
them to pre-eminence which in my opinion may be considered a false balance. 
If this is your practice, in my opinion, you have alienated yourself from 
this present culture and incured the rebuke that Paul states in 1Cor.14:23 
that the unbeliever or culture would think your mad?"

I have never claimed that the teaching and practice of I Cor.11 is essential 
to salvation! But obedience to any known command of scripture IS ESSENTIAL 
to having fellowship with God and to being taught further truth by God!  (I 
John 1:6,7 and Mark 11:27-33)  Also, linking obedience to I Cor 11 with 
speaking in uninterpretted tongues as in 14:23 is quite a leap!   Did you 
notice that it is disobedience to specific divine instructions in ch.14 that 
would cause the unbelievers to conclude that the saints were mad?  Did you 
notice that it is obedience to divine instructions in the same chapter that 
would bring conviction upon the unbelievers?

You also wrote:" My sincere apologies if your outreach is to Muslims and 
Amish. If not, sorry cant see it. Just my perspective of course, but seeing 
the ones on this list that agree with you, its very likely outreach (great 
commision) is not a part of the mindset here. Im sorry, but Jesus (Good 
news) + bondage (Bad news) doesnt reach many people in my area of the 

You assume that the instructions of I Cor 11:1-16 are culturally 
conditioned, but fail to take into account that Paul's own instructions 
given under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God were completely 
contrary to his own Jewish culture in which men always covered their heads 
while praying and prophesying (and still do 2000 years later)!  You also 
fail to account for the fact that all the reasons given by Paul for the 
practices in this chapter are from creation, not culture!  Also, I'm not 
sure where you would get the idea that obedience to divine instructions is 
equal to bondage!  Actually, obedience to God is the only road to liberty 
(the ability to be and do what God intends) and deliverance from bondage! 
(the inability to be and do what God intends.)

Your brother in Christ,


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