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Do Not Eat the Bread Of Idleness

     Sue Becker

"I, the Lord, will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you." Psalms 32:8

Since reading this verse from Psalms 32 some months ago, I can see, that with His eye upon me, God has led me to the truths of His ways through information He has brought into my path. I want to say with no apologies, I do not claim to be a nutritional expert. I am a wife and a mother, who has sought to "look well to the ways of her household" (Proverbs 31:27). In my seeking I believe God has shown me a more nutritional way of feeding my family. We can read many books by "nutrition experts" but we usually find ourselves more confused that enlightened, as even the experts do not agree and "their eyes" are certainly not upon us.

What a blessing to know, that the eye of the one who created us is on us and this very one who created us, created the whole universe. This very God caused the earth to bring forth the vegetation he knew would best nourish and benefit our bodies and He gave to man "every plant yielding seed and every tree with seed in its fruit to have for food".(Genesis 1:29) After the flood of Noah's day, His provision for man included "every moving thing that lives" (Genesis 9:3) as well as the green vegetables and plants. I trust God completely in His provisions to know what foods will best nourish our bodies. Man, however, has altered His provisions first for the sake of convenience and now greed.

Look with me for a moment at the example of the children of Israel in the wilderness. With nothing to eat, God lovingly provided them with manna from heaven. It was to be gathered daily. Some tried to gather tomorrow's portion today. But God says six days you shall work and one day shall you rest. On every day but the Sabbath, God caused the manna that was gathered for tomorrow to get worms in it. The manna had to be gathered everyday before the sun came up. I'm sure if some enterprising Israelite could have discovered a way to keep the manna from spoiling, to allow it to be stored for several days, he would have had a very marketable product, especially to those who were simply too lazy or too busy doing other things to get their food every day. This is exactly what we see if we look more closely at the foods offered in the grocery store today and how they got there.

Prior to the 1900's most flour was milled locally and the bread baked at home. God designed the wheat kernel, as well as other grains, to perfectly store the nutrients within. Once broken open, as in milling, the nutrients immediately begin to oxidize. Within about 72 hours, 90% of over 30 nutrients are virtually gone due to oxidation. Also since the germ oil causes the flour to turn rancid very quickly, only enough grain was ground fresh each day to meet the needs of the community. This meant that just about every family was "gathering" their manna daily. However, in the 1920's new technology allowed enterprising millers to separate the wheat components. By removing the germ, germ oil, and the bran, the remaining white flour could be stored indefinitely. This began to eliminate the need for local milling and people began to relinquish their own responsibility of preparing their bread daily.

Lucrative markets were also found for the nutritious "by-products" of this new milling process. The bran and wheat germ were sold as high protein food supplements for cattle. Local mills soon went out of business as the large roller mills produced huge volumes of long lasting white flour.

This appeared to be a great advance in technology. In just a short time, however, cases of beriberi and pellagra began to drastically increase. Both of these diseases are the result of vitamin B deficiencies and health officials traced the problem to the new white flour. The new milling process strips the B vitamins as well as about 24 other nutrients from the wheat kernels.

Health officials urged mills to return to producing whole wheat flour again but they did not want to lose their very profitable market of selling the germ and bran as cattle feed. Instead, millers chose to "enrich" the white flour by replacing 4 vitamins for the 25-30 that are removed. This solved the problem of beriberi and pellagra, however, we are now plagued with many diseases that are directly related to our consumption of white flour (appendicitis, diverticular disease, hiatal hernia, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and more!).

Knowing this information we were convicted to purchase an in-home grain mill and to begin making all of our own bread from fresh milled grains. The health benefits were immediate. We felt more energetic, constipation was totally relieved for me and our cravings for sugar were greatly reduced. This enabled us to virtually eliminate white sugar from our home, consequently we have seen much less sickness.

Needless to say we became excited about our new found energy and health as well as the fact that the bread is absolutely delicious! As others became interested in our bread we were encouraged to begin a business to teach others the truths we were learning. Thus The Bread Beckers came to be just prior to the Presidential election of 1992. We became distributors of the Magic Mill III Plus and other appliances and accessories that allow healthier eating. We were excited about our new business and the new direction our lives seemed to be taking. We are encouraging God's people to purchase a grain milll and store wheat (if possible) since dry grains are storable and quite nutritious (life sustaining). Processed foods and flour are neither storable or life sustaining.

We must prepare, however, as God directs and not be lead by fear. Our hope is in the Lord and not in our strength or our storehouses. We hope that our preparations might be used to feed many during the hard times that may be coming. What began as just a business, by God's grace has become so much more. For us it has become a mission, a ministry, and a calling.

As we have now been literally "thrust into the harvest fields" my heart has been "moved with compassion "much like Jesus' in Matthew 9:35-38 when He saw the multitudes that were sick. We have now met literally "multitudes" of people with all kinds of diseases. Common diseases, most of which could be avoided with a proper diet, of which bread, "real bread" is the key.

The testimonies of other's improved health began to come to us. Late one afternoon an elated friend called. She had just come from the doctor. Her cholesterol had dropped 85 points in one month! This was significant to her since her last doctor had given her no hope of lowering her cholesterol. She had been trying for years to no avail. In her own words she said to me, "It's the bread. I know it's the bread. I have not changed any other part of my diet. At every meal I always eat some of your bread no matter what else I have to eat..

This testimony encouraged me to want to know more. Why could this bread, "real bread" be so effective? With a degree in Food Science I have some understanding of biochemistry and microbiology. As I began to study biochemically the nutritional value of "real bread" I was both amazed and in awe of our Almighty God. I have great sorrow for those who study health and nutrition without a knowledge of God our maker. For to do so, causes one to worship the created instead of the creator. I could now see why the sifting of the fiber and nutrients from the flour has directly or indirectly caused many of the common diseases that now plague our country.

High cholesterol is indeed a common problem. Lecithin is a key nutrient in the metabolism of fats and is found in any unrefined food with oil. Yet the refining process of the food industry destroys the lecithin. Fresh milled wheat contains lecithin as well as B6, inositol, and choline; all essential nutrients for lecithin production.

Grain fiber helps to remove fat from the walls of the colon. Fiber also promotes fresh bile production. Bile is made by the liver out of cholesterol. A high fiber diet causes the liver to not recycle bile. If not recycled, the liver will draw from our stored cholesterol to produce fresh bile salts.

This was all very enlightening to me as I could see that the key nutrients for keeping cholesterol levels in check were in our bread, real bread. Praise be to God for His infinite wisdom. I also discovered much concerning such problems as obesity, diabetes, cancer, appendicitis, and constipation.

America and Great Britain are the most constipated nations in the world. Constipation is basic to a whole list if diseases which could be avoided were the fiber not stripped from our foods. Fiber increases the bulk of the stool yet softens the stool by absorbing water much like a sponge would do. This decreases constipation as well as shortening the transit time of the stool in the intestinal tract. Doctors everywhere agree that constipation is due to one factor only---lack of fiber in the diet. If fiber, especially grain fiber, were added back to our diets this would end the need for laxatives in our country.

I am living proof of the effectiveness of real whole grain fiber. Once we made our first batch of "real bread" my struggles with constipation were ended. I did not realize how my constipation had caused such a lack of energy, irritability, headaches and sinus congestion. Many have testified to the effectiveness of our bread for relieving their constipation. After having tried laxatives and stool softeners, people are thrilled and amazed at the results from this bread. They definitely like the taste better.

The wide use of antihistamines in our country is also related to the problem of constipation. With constipation comes a high level of toxin build up in our bodies thus causing the response of mucous formation in our sinuses. The shortened transit time and the thorough cleansing of the colon promoted by a high fiber diet reduces this toxin build up therefore eliminating both the mucous formation and our need for antihistamines. This was a great revelation to me and I have now been antihistamine free for 4 years! Others share this freedom with me also since adding real bread to their diets. In fact my 2 1/2 year old has never had to take an antihistamine or decongestant such as Triaminic. What a blessing.

Diverticulitis is a condition that affects 1 out of 3 people and results from problems caused by trying to eliminate hard stools. Surgery is the traditional solution, yet we have a friend who was totally healed without surgery just by adding bread made from fresh milled grains to his diet. Our first mill sale came by sharing one loaf of bread with another friend who had 1/3 of his lower track removed due to diverticulitis. Noticing such significant benefits over the high fiber products from the health food store, he purchased a mill sight unseen.

Appendectomy is the most common abdominal surgery performed in our country. Appendicitis is directly related to backed up fecal matter remaining in our system therefore causing an infection.

Thirty-five percent of cancer is caused by diet. Since our diets can be changed, much of the cancer in this country could be avoided with an improved diet. Fiber keeps our colons thoroughly cleansed thus eliminating the possibility of infection and toxin build up. Grain fibers are known also to actually leach carcinogens from our systems. Wheat and most grains may absorb up to 20% while grain sorghum has been found to absorb as much as 50%.

Diabetes is another common disease in our country, now affecting many children as well as adults. There are many factors related to the causes of diabetes but diet is certainly critical. As Americans eat their sugar filled meals and snacks which are devoid of fiber, their blood sugar levels rise rapidly. To keep the blood sugar levels in check the pancreas is stimulated to produce insulin. Since the blood sugar level has risen so quickly an abundance of insulin is produced bringing the blood sugar level down too low too quickly. To counter balance this problem another hormone, glucagon, is produced to bring the blood sugar levels back up to normal. By this time however, Americans have had their mid-morning coffee break and doughnut or some other mid-meal sugary snack and blood sugar levels soar again. Insulin is again produced in abundance bringing blood sugar levels dangerously low thus stimulating glucagon production again to bring levels back to normal. This war goes on all day everyday with the American diet, much like the war we experience between our flesh and our spirit. Eventually the pancreas wears out and insulin production is stopped resulting in the common problem of diabetes. Diets rich in fiber absorb sugars causing them to come into our bloodstream much more slowly. This reduces the problem of the rapid rise and fall in blood sugar levels, thus eliminating the stress put on the pancreas.

Obesity is so common in America that many people visiting our country for the first time are shocked at how fat we are. The foods we eat are so stripped of fiber and nutrients that we are neither filled nor satisfied. Complex carbohydrates, especially unrefined grains, satisfy the appetite long before we over eat because they come with fiber, a low-calorie belly filler. Also carbohydrates or starches are low in fat and up to a third of the calories are excreted undigested! We must be careful though of man's imitations. There are many diet products out there designed by man claiming to help you lose weight by filling you up. The loss of weight however is either only temporary or mostly in the wallet! I have found nothing as effective or economical as God's perfect provision, whole unrefined grain.

I believe all this brings us to a very important question God would have us ask ourselves. Isaiah 55:2 says "why do ye spend money on that which is not bread? And you labor for that which satisfieth not?" Our willingness to be free of the responsibility of preparing our bread daily has now put the control of what we feed our families into the hands of huge food companies with one goal in mind---MONEY. As we shop for our food we get to choose from what someone with only profit in mind is offering.

What can we do now? "...Thus saith the Lord of host: Consider your ways. Ye have sown much, and bring in little; ye eat, but you do not have enough; ye drink, but ye are not filled with drink; ye clothe yourselves, bur their is none warm; and he that earneth wages earneth wages to put it into a bag with holes. Thus saith the Lord of host: Consider your ways." (Haggai 1:5-7) We as women must consider our ways and how we have fared. There are actually many "holes in our bags" where we have lost control. I wish to focus on one that I think is key. I call it the Bread of Idleness.

"She looketh well to the ways of her household and eateth not the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:2.

Upon first reading the verse I almost laughed. Who could be idle with children, home schooling, laundry, a husband, and a home business? The list could go on and I can honestly say I don't think there is ever an idle moment in our house--or is there? A further study of this verse was truly enlightening and opened my heart to some new truths.

The words "looketh well" come from a Hebrew word meaning "to lean forward", "to peer into the distance" or "to observe, to wait". "Ways" means "a walk, or a step" and "household" means "family" with its roots coming from a word meaning "to build". "To build" called to mind a familiar verse from Proverbs. "Every wise woman buildeth her house but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands..

Proverbs 14:1

This wise woman that builds her house does so by looking ahead to see what lasting effect today's activities may have on her future and the future of her family. As she peers into the distance she is considering the future and outcome of her children. She trains them accordingly. She does not worry about tomorrow but certainly plans her steps as she observes and waits on the Lord's direction.

Considering the foolish woman of Proverbs 14 caused me to wonder what makes one foolish. I know that God's word says that it is bound in the heart of a child. Considering the behavior of my own children shed great light on the answer to this question. Basically children's one desire is for the "pleasure of the moment". All their decisions, actions or reactions, and thoughts are based on obtaining this "pleasure". They can not really think about "tomorrow" or future consequences. They want what they want and they want it now.

The foolish woman, for the pleasure of the moment, is tearing down her house with her own hands. The wise woman of Proverbs 31 does not eat the bread of idleness but this foolish woman consumes it. The word "idle" means "to lean idle, having no value, use, or significance". The root word "idle" means "to burn or shine" either in the sense of "only apparent" or "burned out". "Bread" is "food, especially grain for making it". Another word for idleness is indolence. Indolence means "disliking or avoiding work".

We can not afford to be indolent any longer. We must carefully consider the activities in our lives. Are they pleasures of the moment that can masquerade as any worthwhile cause? We must honestly ask ourselves do we merely have the appearance of being very busy. Are we "burned out" because much of what we do (or don't do) is for the pleasure of the moment (either mine or someone else's) and has no real value or significance? Can we look at our day's accomplishments and say as God did, "It is good"? Are we tempted to work on the seventh day because we are not satisfied with our weeks work.

Can we see that women have relinquished much of the homeward responsibilities and that the milling of grains and baking of bread was left to others because it freed women (and men) up to do other things. These "other things", unfortunately have taken us more and more out of the home. The food products in the stores are there because we want fast and easy. "We just don't have time to cook anymore..

I am here to tell you, however, that the food we eat is the "bread" of our own idleness. For the pleasures of the moment we now have sickness in our land in giant proportions. God has not sent these judgments on us, rather we have brought them on ourselves by altering His provisions designed to perfectly nourish our bodies. Many of the foods we now eat for convenience are literally making us sick because they are devoid of the fiber and the nutrients that are essential to our health. Yet, vital life-giving whole foods are available. The purchase of our grain mill opened the door to the availability of these whole life-giving foods.

There is a health care crisis in this land, but who is to blame? While doctors, lawyers, insurance companies, and the government have all played their part, the truth of the matter is---WE are to blame. We are a sick and unhealthy people. As we turn to doctors and medicine, weight loss clinics and diets we are often left "bewildered--harassed and distressed and dejected and helpless--like sheep without a shepherd (Matthew 9:36 AMP). Our health does not depend however on doctors and medicine but on how we live our lives.

God has lovingly provided what we need. Are we willing to "gather".

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