[House Church Talk] Bono no go - to church, that is.

David Anderson david at housechurch.org
Thu Jan 8 12:08:27 EST 2004

>What do you mean that Rushdoony dropped out?

Simply that the prolific author and "Father of Christian 
Reconstructionism" quit every church he ever joined according to several 
who knew him well. I have met Rush, Greg Bahnsen, and "Scary" Gary North, 
his son in law to whom he wouldn't speak to for decades. I am also well 
acquainted with Ken Gentry and Joe Morecraft. 

Another interesting fella, Cliff, in that movement was Vick Lockman who 
did hard time in the Federal guest-house. He was caught passing 
counterfeit 20's.

This is not to say that alll of their beliefs are off-base. Surely not. 
Above all, I could have been misinformed but I am positive that many of 
his friends considered him a "church drop-out." It is certainly possible, 
I must hasten to add, that prior to his death he may have returned to 

         David Anderson

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