[House Church Talk] good news in my charity work

Vanessa DiDomenico van3hijos at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 13 12:14:19 EST 2004

dear Friends,

I just wanted to let you know how today i did several things. i was cited
at the hospital I mentioned, the most prestigious and expensive here,
(only one founded by Shell years ago and used more by the oil companies
matches it, but this one is used more by the rich locals) this morning,
and we had a GREAT discussion! The people at the social work area were
great, and my foundation will soon be set up, in the name of the clinic of
course. We will start with the support groups, so now I have to start
planning the advertising for people to learn of it and go. Then we will do
other things, like raise funds for medication. The lady in charge of
social work has a lawyer sister who has experience registering nonprofits
in Miami, and she will probably also register MY NGO! 

And when I turn on this computer, I see a message from the guy in charge
of the McDonalds here, citing me for Thursday morning because he wants to
participate in our project with the street children! I was recommended by
a friend, mother of another of Jessica's friends, who owns 4 McDonalds
here and whom I met by chance helping her get around Maracaibo when she
was new in town. I love the lady, she's no snob like many others who have
money. ( I mentiong daughter Jessica, because it was by chance that i
asked her best friend what his father does - because he was around with a
bodyguard- and he told me he owns that clinic. I'd been praying for a
place to work the foundation with, and God sent it!) 

I am still amazed at how God answers my prayers!

I had been feeling horrible since Sunday, in a bad mood and all, and
began praying thinking: this is Satan who wants to make me fall... and
suddenly yesterday i get the call for today to go to the hospital for

And through the lady at the hospital, who also teaches social work at the
university law school, I will work with several of her recent graduates to
educate them in new techniques, as I translate and translate and
translate... and I will try to hand over projects i have almost fully
designed, but that need work from people who handle local ways better than
i do, and who have time and better health!

I feel at least i am doing something! The first support group meetings
will be last week of February; from now till next monday I have to prepare
what will come out in the newspaper, what i will say on the radio
stations I will go to in order to advertise (2 are catholic radios). My
hope is to give some hope to parents of children with epilepsy. I feel
good! Still a little sick, but feeling more 'up'. Maybe because last night
i managed to sleep a lot!

Thank you Jesus for letting me do all these things!

Thank you Jesus for giving me hope that i CAN do it! (our NGo is called
projects for hope, because it is an umbrella nonprofit meant to giove hope
to others with projects who just don't know how to organize them... hope
can give you strength to do anything, and in spanish, the short form of
writing it is PROEZSA, which pronounced means 'feat')

Love to all
Vanessa from venezuela

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