[House Church Talk] Pattern or simply an adaptation?

Bruce Woodford bwood4d at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 24 11:36:27 EST 2004

Sorry for a second post on this subject! I just remembered an illustration 
I'd wanted to include relative to relationships among members in the body.

In physical bodies, there are many problems which deny, hinder or impede a 
functional unity amongst the members of that body. i.e. broken bones or 
sprained muscles/tendons (which result in great pain when two adjacent 
members try to function), nerve damage or spinal damage (which results in 
paralysis) or other diseases or conditions (which result in seizures or 
uncontrolled spastic movements of various members). Is it possible that 
there are similar conditions which have been and continue to be hindrances 
to functional unity in the Body of Christ?

Therefore, I wonder if we ought to be more proficient in personal and body 
relationships than were first century believers, instead of less proficient! 
Should we not have become more relational in our ministry rather than less 


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