[House Church Talk] William Barclay on the Lord's Supper

Robert L. Moseley robertlm at gvtc.com
Wed Jan 28 18:15:19 EST 2004

David thanks for the quote from brother Barclay...I acquired that text a
long time ago and have read it a number of times.  It is a well researched
volume on the history of the "Lord's Supper" and a worthy addition to
anyone's Christian library.  If we were to do the Lord's Table as they did
it in the first century "assemblies" we would enjoy a meal together and not
just have a "Lord's snack" like you find in virtually every 20th century

Robert Moseley...from the hills of Texas

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>      Hey all you nuggeteers,
> Here's a valuable gem I just stumbled across:
> There can be no two things more different than the celebration of the
> Lord's Supper in a Christian home in the first century and in a cathedral
> in the twentieth century. The things are so different that it is almost
> possible to say that they bear no relationship to each other whatsoever.
> The liturgical splendor of the twentieth century was in the first century
> not only unthought of; it was totally impossible.
>     William Barclay, The Lord's Supper, 1967, pp. 99-100

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