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David Anderson david at housechurch.org
Thu Jan 29 12:08:53 EST 2004

     Hi all,

Did anyone notice the major shift in opinion concerning Neanderthal man. 
It was reported earlier this week.


"If we accept that we're not the same species, what we're really saying 
is they did not contribute at all to modern human populations and in 
particular modern Europeans," co-author Dr Katerina Harvati of New York 
University, US, told BBC News Online.

It's been fun to watch scientists (not all) attempt to insert their 
alleged findings into the geological column. A number of famous hoaxes 
are on the record. See below. It reminds me of how theologians likewise 
attempt to insert their own creations into the ancient texts and even 
into church history.

May Jehovah guide our thoughts in the new year.

     David Anderson

PS: If you have home schooler's, they may find this topic to be of 

     Human Ancestral Frauds

Piltdown man: Found in a gravel pit in Sussex England in 1912, this 
fossil was considered by some sources to be the second most important 
fossil proving the evolution of man‹until it was found to be a complete 
forgery 41 years later. The skull was found to be of modern age. The 
fragments had been chemically stained to give the appearance of age, and 
the teeth had been filed down!

Nebraska man: A single tooth, discovered in Nebraska in 1922 grew an 
entire evolutionary link between man and monkey, until another identical 
tooth was found which was protruding from the jawbone of a wild pig. This 
fossil was part of the evidence entered to substantiate evolution in the 
famous "Scopes Monkey Trial" (source: Henry M. Morris & Gary E. Parker, 
What Is Creation Science?, [Master Books 1987], pp.155-156)

Java man: Initially discovered by Dutchman Eugene Dubois in 1891, all 
that was found of this claimed originator of humans was a skullcap, three 
teeth and a femur. The femur was found 50 feet away from the original 
skullcap a full year later. For almost 30 years Dubois downplayed the 
Wadjak skulls (two undoubtedly human skulls found very close to his 
"missing link"). (source: Hank Hanegraaff, The Face That Demonstrates The 
Farce Of Evolution, [Word Publishing, Nashville, 1998], pp.50-52)

Orce man: Found in the southern Spanish town of Orce in 1982, and hailed 
as the oldest fossilized human remains ever found in Europe. One year 
later officials admitted the skull fragment was not human but probably 
came from a 4 month old donkey. Scientists had said the skull belonged to 
a 17 year old man who lived 900,000 to 1.6 million years ago, and even 
had very detail drawings done to represent what he would have looked 
like. (source: "Skull fragment may not be human", Knoxville 
News-Sentinel, 1983)

from   http://www.nwcreation.net/evolutionfraud.html

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