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Tue Jun 1 04:22:03 EDT 2004

Prayer request.

I need wisdom and mercy. Since mowing lawns I have not had a weekend like
this last one. We were behind because of rain and had 32 lawns to mow
starting Friday. Had rain Friday morning and could not start until 1 P.M.
in afternoon to work. By lunch Saturday we had done 16 of them. Then
during the next three jobs I had a lawn mower break on each job limiting
me to one walk behind mower our slowest one, which is hard to change
heights on. Something different broke on each one. All had been recently
repaired and serviced this season. Our mechanic repair shop closed for
the holiday weekend so we could not drop any off or get parts to fix any
of them. Yesterday as we tried to do a day care center that had to be
done before today our riding mower broke down making completing the job
impossible. After working a eight hour shift at Big Lots this morning
finishing at noon I will be taking the equipment in and trying to finish
the child care job and at least one other that is having a major party

I am again 30 some jobs behind and battling a sense of overwhelmed ness.
The extent of repair work needed may not fit into the budget. I need
wisdom on what to fix and what to wait on. Which mowers are a priority,
which can wait. How to spend the financial resources that we have.
Strength to work longer with limited equipment to do the same work.
Cliff Silliman <cliffsilliman at>
1 Corinthians 14:15

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