House Church Talk - Fw: Re: Glenn, may I forward your recent post on another list as a reply to this?

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Wed Jun 2 08:17:17 EDT 2004

Dear saints,
Brother David Anderson suggested I forward this to the entire group:

On Sun, 30 May 2004 11:01:50 -0400 David Anderson <david at>
> ...How do we find the balance between the need for gifted teaching, and
the need for the whole body to participate?  How do you get the whole
church in the house to use their gifts?
> Any comments?

Dear David,
In answer to this, briefly, one of the more overlooked themes certainly
of the New Testament is what might be termed "the zealous pursuit of the
greater gifts of the Holy Spirit."  It is found in no less than *five*
places, in the section which begins at I Cor. 12's closing verse, and
which runs to the conclusion of chapter 14: 
- 12:31
- 14:1
- 14:5
- 14:12
- 14:39
These "best gifts" then are *instructional* in nature (used in
instruction), and thus are given *subsequent* to regeneration, as the
saint grows and matures.  

There will naturally always be a healthy mixture in the body of those who
are teaching the Lord's disciples to observe all that He has commanded
(Mt. 28:20), and those newer in the faith who are being taught (Tit.
2:3-5; II Tim. 2:2, etc.).  In God's sovereignty in distribution, over
time those who are presently students will become gifted by the Holy
Spirit to become the teachers of the incoming generations of disciples.  

A very important biblical balance to maintain is between James 3:1 (not
many are gifted as teachers; and thus they should not be prematurely
seeking to teach), and Heb. 5:12 (the natural growth in the Spirit's
sanctification will produce maturity, and with it, giftedness to teach). 

Also, a key element to keep in mind in these things is that ALL teaching
(and speaking, for that matter)  is to be by means of spiritual
gift--this is the thrust of I Pet. 4:11.

Finally, I think it is very likely that the "cessation of spiritual
gifts" theory popularized today arose out of a situation in the early
centuries whereby there were few of the Spirit's gifts--only because
there were few who were genuinely indwelt by the Spirit of God. 
Similarly today perhaps, many things are deemed as being "gifts" which
are merely natural talents (speaking eloquence, for example).  So we must
constantly be testing everything which we experience by the abiding word
of God, as He is not working other things than His revealed will in His
word, which has been given to fully equip us for every good work (II Tim.

I hope you are able to take the time to look up these verses, and will
forgive my hurriedness here in reply...

Grace in Christ,
Glenn (S.)

p.s.--Greetings, Glenn F.

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