House Church Talk - time for ministry

Claire Bennett clairebnntt at
Wed Jun 2 10:40:59 EDT 2004

Maybe some of you have a very large group and more planning and organization is necessary.  If someone has a teaching or believe the Lord has put something on their heart that will take up a good amount of time, then maybe the group can plan for a time to hear it.  It is somewhat like the practice in Congress where one or more representatives will yield their time so another can use it.  If the Lord has given one member an important word, I wouldn't have a problem with that person taking up much of the meeting sharing it.  What I disagree with is the IC teacher role where one person gives the weekly sermon.  

The greatest ministry the highly gifted in given areas can have is to nurture others with embryonic giftings, rather than doing the work of the ministry themselves just because they can do it better.  We already have passivity ingrained in us and need to encourage participation.  Otherwise, as we have seen, when the gifted one is gone, so is the ministry.

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