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David Miller David at
Wed Jun 2 18:05:12 EDT 2004

Claire wrote:
> If someone has a teaching or believe the Lord has 
> put something on their heart that will take up a 
> good amount of time, then maybe the group can plan 
> for a time to hear it.

What if the Lord's plan is for the church to hear it right then and

Paul instructed the Corinthians to limit their prophets to two or three,
letting everyone else judge what they say.  Paul limited those who spoke
in tongues to two or three, and their interpreters to one person.  This
limitation on the number of speakers has to happen in the larger
gathering of the whole church so that edification can take place.  All
may share and prophesy, etc., but not necessarily at the same meeting on
the same day.  Nevertheless, this does not necessarily have to be
planned out before hand for a special meeting on a specific day.  The
church ought always be willing to hear from those who are moved upon by
the Holy Spirit, only it should be done decently and in order.  This is
the primary problem with the IC teacher syndrome that you point out.
The problem is not that someone gives a monologue, but that it is
considered rude and disruptive for others to speak or interact.  There
also is the problem of paying a trusted person to do all the speaking
and ministry.

Peace be with you.
David Miller, Beverly Hills, Florida.

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