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Claire Bennett clairebnntt at
Tue Jun 8 12:46:58 EDT 2004

One person I have always admired is Ravi Zacharias, so if he also spouts nonsense I would be surprised and disappointed.  But it appears that a wind is blowing, and what gets funded is what flows with the winds of doctrine.  Lee Strobel has written some intelligent books, as a former reporter, his research and communication skills are excellent.  But he is part of Saddleback, a leader in the seeker-friendly movement.  Publishing rights and speaking engagements are contingent on supporting the market.  this makes me suspicious of many previously sound teachers who have a conflict of interest.  May we keep ourselves from such things!

I have some comments about the "Jesus" film.  I read how the producers went to great lengths to ensure the film's authenticity, down to sewing cloaks from one piece of material.  However, the most important aspect of the film, the character of Jesus, did not come across as authentic to me.  Every hair was sprayed in place.  His hands were neatly manicured with long slim fingers that would belong to a British gentleman, not a Jewish carpenter.   His clothing was a scintillatingly clean white.  Jesus appeared to stand apart from his brethren, when in reality he probably wouldn't be distinguished in appearance from his disciples.  

Too bad we cannot see a film that is accurate historically and biblically, yet well made and riveting.  

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