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Glenn Frank glennfrank at
Tue Jun 8 12:52:12 EDT 2004

I did not hear any problems with Ravi Zacharias' statements...

I was a bit disappointed by Strobel's statement about sin... But the one
that really seemed way off to me was the answer from Alan Scholes. The "I'm
not a bad person. Why would I need forgiveness?" question:

Yeah the movie itself did not seem like the most striking one I have ever
seen. But I am glad it is having the effect it has had in witnessing.

On 6/8/04 11:46 AM, "Claire Bennett" <clairebnntt at> wrote:

> One person I have always admired is Ravi Zacharias, so if he also spouts
> nonsense I would be surprised and disappointed.  But it appears that a wind is
> blowing, and what gets funded is what flows with the winds of doctrine.  Lee
> Strobel has written some intelligent books, as a former reporter, his research
> and communication skills are excellent.  But he is part of Saddleback, a
> leader in the seeker-friendly movement.  Publishing rights and speaking
> engagements are contingent on supporting the market.  this makes me suspicious
> of many previously sound teachers who have a conflict of interest.  May we
> keep ourselves from such things!
> I have some comments about the "Jesus" film.  I read how the producers went to
> great lengths to ensure the film's authenticity, down to sewing cloaks from
> one piece of material.  However, the most important aspect of the film, the
> character of Jesus, did not come across as authentic to me.  Every hair was
> sprayed in place.  His hands were neatly manicured with long slim fingers that
> would belong to a British gentleman, not a Jewish carpenter.   His clothing
> was a scintillatingly clean white.  Jesus appeared to stand apart from his
> brethren, when in reality he probably wouldn't be distinguished in appearance
> from his disciples.
> Too bad we cannot see a film that is accurate historically and biblically, yet
> well made and riveting.

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