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  So I guess I have not “introduced” what we have, Sorry about that. At the moment we started over a year ago a Christian Publishing company. Most likely trying to start it during Covid and the economic downturn was not the best idea, but we are still alive by our bootstraps.

  Breadstone Publishing has two books published. A teaching book called “My Fathers House,” it is a very similar mindset to many of the discussions on this website. A link to the book is here… https://breadstonepublishing.com/product/my-fathers-house/

  And the second book is called, “Fading Starlight.” This is a Christian Science Fiction and the first in a long line of books under the banner of “The Legacy Continuum.” Starlight is a family-friendly book and has spiritual concepts woven into it. A link to the book is here… https://breadstonepublishing.com/product/fading-starlight/

  Breadstone’s other project is a monthly e-magazine called Breadstone Community. It is a collection of various authors all volunteering their time, covering a wide range of subjects. We give the first-year subscription away for free, under the belief that if the subscriber really likes the product they will pay for the second year, as some have already done. A link to the free subscription is here… https://breadstonepublishing.com/new-subscription/

  And of course, the main link is  https://breadstonepublishing.com

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