$$$ - For real ministry or for church machinery?

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My father was very thrifty yet very generous. He was a teacher and administrator at several Christian colleges in the South. On Sunday's he was a guest speaker at local churches of various denominations. He would often take his wife along to sing and his children to listen. The day was a change of scenery from the ordinary and a chance to meet some new people - always welcome and memorable, too.

Without any discussion, after the meeting was over, someone would give Daddy a check or an envelope containing a check. He would quietly endorse it, fold it and leave it in the collection plate...

"Freely you have received - freely give." - Jesus Christ

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    • The median household income in the U.S. is $70,784, so your average pastor makes 50% more than the parishioner sitting in the pew. It gets even better when you consider some of the tax advantages of being a minister.

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