From Christ's Love to Jew Hatred

We do not encourage political topics on this site because that is not our goal. Besides, there are many other sites for such a purpose. Nor is it to suggest that these matters are unimportant. They surely are.

Lately, everywhere we turn - there is a tragic loss of the freedom of speech as well as massive hate mongering toward the people of Israel. We do not want to see this for any ethic group.

On a minor point, it should appear obvious that house churches are the only and beset option for many in the mid East.

What I want us to be reminded of today is how colleges and universities which were founded by Christians eventually lost sight of their stated purposes.

Truly, the Enemy has come to steal and kill and destroy. Whereas the Son of God came to give life and joy unspeakable.

Brothers and sisters, let us bow in prayer...

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