From mega church to house church to unbelief

Several prominent Christians have changed sides lately. Let's pray for the Gungor's, that they may be restored and made whole. They readily acknowledge that they were given too much responsibility at too early an age.

And let us be reminded that 'house church' itself is not the final answer. Christ is the first and final Answer. Church is but a means to this end: For us to worship and serve Him and one another in His name. 

He is always faithful and worthy of our praise. Even when doubts arise. They surely will.

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    • praying for the Gungors.

      • great video! they were not wrong identity once lost must be found within and Christ will meet us there peeling us away like a onion. deconstruction is very hard because it either becomes renovation or atheistic despair sometimes a little of both  

        • The preachers who have distorted the Gospel, by not teaching what Jesus and the NT writers said about suffering and the condition of this world have much to answer for. I grew up with some misconceptions but was often made to recognize from the words of Jesus Himself that things will not always go the way I want them. We learn how to overcome our doubts in these situations by the Holy Spirit working in us and opening our hearts and minds to His life-giving words in the scripture.

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