Good natured people.

I uploaded this as a random test video. But wow, notice how cheerful some of the Chinese people are... I was quite surprised, myself. Almost every sentence ends with laughter. We sometimes think those of other cultures are unhappy compared to us in the West. This may be a false assumption.

When I was in school it was explained that the Chinese were Communists and Atheists and were therefore... very unhappy. And that their cities were naturally dark and dreary. Well, if that were ever true, it is much less so today. Quite the contrary, in fact.

OK, let's tie this in to the idea of alternative Christian churches. Parts of China are now very urbanized and the real estate is some of the most expensive on earth. When land is purchased it is in view of the area hundreds of feet above the ground. Because tall buildings are required to accommodate the living, working, and shopping needs of the teeming population, now over a billion. 

Church buildings are seldom more than a few stories high which makes them highly impractical and often unaffordable. The solution: Efficient house churches which meet in large rooms or large apartments - or even small ones.

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