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Vanessa DiDomenico van3hijos at
Sat Apr 10 07:34:49 EDT 2004

Oh, dear RJ, you are right about not being the same just a kid cursing as
a kid choking another! 

My husband is very good at controlling those kids, but he HAS had to hit
the street kids with baseball bats sometimes, when he hasn't been able to
hold them down! But those kids are in a worse situation that anything you
can imagine, they have been sleeping on the street (no shelters) since
they were young, and have often been raped several times already (and
these are mostly boys).

The thing with the USA, is that there is no reason for people to be so out
of order with all that money going around. Even the poorest in shelters
live better than kings of the medieval ages!! That is one of the things I
could not take about the US, so much money and resources, and so many
children no one seems to care about, with a lot of money given for them,
but they seem not one bit better that the ones here on the street who
haven't eaten in a week!

However, the USA likes to show off its riches to all, and wants to come
tell us how to run our country. Are we supposed to obey Bush so that we
can also have little children raping other little children? That doesn't
happen in public schools here. The kids I was discussing have been
abandoned on the street, or have left their homes due to rape and extreme
abuse without any schooling. Should we obey the USA's politics so we can
also have the nasty things you mention? Should Iraq???? I'd rather have a
Saddam as president and no kids raping other children, than 'freedom' and
what you describe.

Vanessa from Venezuela

--- rebelfire at wrote:
> -- Vanessa DiDomenico <van3hijos at> wrote:
> >This just sounds like you are trying to show a little kid that YOU have
> >the POWER! Its gross! And its probably the reason the US educational
> >system is such a mess. Here, in my kids' school, any kid cursing like
> >that would be gossiped about for maybe 5 years! In the US, it happens
> >every day in every school.
> Vanessa, this "child" he was being punished for choking another student.
>  This 6'4" 240 lbs little child must be heldresponsible for his actions.
>  Here in America, I see children who are never heald responsible for
> thier actions.  Theygrow up to be spoiled brats who can not function in
> society. 
> Hmmm...   Public schools have rape happen on a regular basis too.  I
> guess since this is becoming the norm, it is acceptable.
> I am pretty sure we will never see eye to eye on this subject.   That is
> perfectly ok.  
> All I know is when the school has a kid pulls a knife or starts a  huge
> violent fight, all the other teachers come running for me.    
> Kids (of all ages) need boundries, they beg for direction and control
> because in these boundries they find safety.  
> Every year I have to turn kids away from my classes because we do not
> have the space. 
> RJ

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