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Thu Aug 12 10:57:06 EDT 2004

On 8/12/04 8:17 AM, "DanG" <dan.dgordon at> wrote:

> Ya know, I know what you mean in the word "relationship" but I kinda
> bristle using that word.  It is not an approved word for use here in
> Chicago ;-)  The parsing of detail has been done before and we arrive
> again at using the word "relationship" again, but I still bristle - if
> ya know what I mean.  I understand the word, but it extra biblical as
> a word, although I suppose the concept is biblical.

Umm... There are plenty of words that describe Biblical concepts even if the
commonly used word to describe them is not found spelled out in the
scripture. There is nothing magical about using "biblical words". If a word
describes a Biblical idea, but is not in the text of the scripture, that
does not make it taboo.

It is true that these other words (including "relationship") might not fully
and deeply describe what they are intended to... And might leave a very
shallow understanding of some biblical concept, but on the other hand...
Just using the word "love" does not describe the deep abiding thriving
seeking communication adoration etc that is a true "relationship" with the
Lord either. No matter the word, whether we find it in scripture or not,
they all are in need of supporting description. No one word can truly
describe some things taught in the whole of scripture using many chapters
and verses of words.

But on the other hand... It is good you bring this up because we can become
lazy and forget to examine the deep meaning of many of the short flippant
words we us. 

Glenn F.

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