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Then I  noticed something.  Something real.

There, in a crack where the  paving is failing, I saw a tiny spot of green -- 
living thing pushing  its way up through the asphalt.  Green life was forcing 
its way up  and through what man had put there to keep the green away.

Man had made  his own plans.  He had his ideas of what should be and what 
should  not be.  But life, and the purpose of God in that life, was pushing  

May we,(with Christs' help), be like that shoot pushing through mens'  
intention with what G-d intends.
A Fellow Bond Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Persecuted  Church,
Adam K Waggoner
"He must need increase, and I decrease"
Pray for me that "utterance may be given me that I may open my mouth  boldly, 
to make known the mystery of the gospel."  May God give back to us  preaching 
with authority.-
                                            Ravenhill  - MEAT FOR MEN

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