House Church Talk - Cults, LC, etc.

Claire Bennett clairebnntt at
Fri Aug 27 11:33:20 EDT 2004

I'm not arguing the persecution of Christians in China, that is well established.  While many of us have seen servanthood in small house churches, try substituting "pastor" for "mayor" and see if the story still works, or would be told as a warm-up in a Sunday sermon.

Cults recruit and retain through deceit and the LC is typical.  All outsiders are Babylon, etc.  Sadly, our court system allows cults like LC and S$$ to sue their critics and ex-members into silence.  One site that has a lot of good info about cults,, is located in the Netherlands, out of the reach of our court system.

Keep in mind, that Jim Moran's site, a former counter-cult site, was taken over by The Local Church after Moran's death and is deceitfully presented as a neutral information site.  

Remember, keep looking for teethmarks.

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