House Church Talk - Re: Fluid Church

David Anderson david at
Tue Mar 23 21:42:16 EST 2004

  Howdy church,

Water can be a sign of instability or of life, just as Bruce said. 
Leaven, as well, in scripture denotes good or evil in its effect. 

The concept of fluidity is an important one to the Christian as 
everything doesn't fit into the neat little boxes which we sometimes like 
to grab for. Take church members for example. One may be a servant 
(literally, deacon), an elder (literally an older one), and a prophet etc 
- all in an unofficial manner. One may also possess several gifts at once.

Will water turn up on Mars? Those in the min-sub that photographed the 
Titanic explained that a small crack in the hull could produce a stream 
of water capable of dismembering a crew man.

Well, time to roll, I got truckkin to do. Al and Bev, I saw a Conway Now 
van on I40 near Knoxville last week. Do you have a fish emblem on the 
back of your unit? I hollered at you on channel 19... if that was you.

    David Anderson

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